Cubicle ironmongery available in two new finishes!

For many years, our staple Stainless Steel and Aluminium finishes have fitted the bill, but now we have more choice for you…

…in line with the current design trends, our cubicle ironmongery range is now available in both Copper Effect and Black!

As with all our other cubicle items, everything is available within 2-3 days, and often even quicker!

To save you the hassle, we are also able to work out a full component list and detailed quote from your cubicle plans.

We’ve attached images below to illustrate how some of the products look in the new finishes.

If you are interested, why not send your inquiry in?

  • Cubicle hinge

  • U Bracket

  • Indicator bolt

  • Buffered coat hook

  • Cubicle leg

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