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London offices

This modern office building is situated in the City close by St Paul’s. The fit-out was completed in 2015, and Armada supplied ironmongery to both timber and glass doors.

The client wanted all ironmongery items to be in a particular Bronze to match a Bronze Anodised aluminum track used by the partitioning system within the offices. We collected a sample of the track from site and then used this to get a close colour match for all of the hardware that we supplied, including screw heads, lock forends, glass patch fittings, floor spring covers etc.

The result was stunning and the ironmongery refinishing was achieved in a lead time of just 2-3 weeks. We are able to powder coat Stainless Steel in a whole host of differing finishes if required, Black and White being other popular choices.

  • 125 Wood Street External
  • Bronze finger plates to meeting room doors
  • Glass patch fittings refinished in Bronze
  • Bronze mitred pull handle