Eclisse double Syntesis
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Eclisse Syntesis

Eclisse Syntesis pocket sliding door system. For when you don’t want to see any architraves of jambs, just clean lines. A sophisticated system that sets you free from unnecessary detail! This variant is available in single and double formats as well as to suit frameless glass doors.


This is a complete package that includes an aluminium framed pocket, sliding track and brushes. Everything apart from the door itself! The pocket can be easily fitted within a stud or masonry wall, and is often even planted on the face of an existing wall. Once the pocket is fitted, plasterboard and skim can be applied before the door and jambs are installed.

Product Description

In a range of sizes to suit all standard doors;  
  • 610 x 1981mm
  • 686 x 1981mm
  • 762 x 1981mm
  • 838 x 1981mm
  • 914 x 1981mm
  • 626 x 2040mm
  • 726 x 2040mm
  • 826 x 2040mm
  • 926 x 2040mm
  • 1026 x 2040mm
  Suitable for doors 35 – 45mm thick and up to 80kg in weight.

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