Pull handles – the choice is yours!

Modern office interiors are becoming increasingly open-plan flexible spaces.

One of the consequences of this fact is that more and more doors are getting pull handles on them, rather than a lever handle and latch. This means that the door is easier and quicker to use, becoming less of a barrier to progress.

Whilst there are many many different lever handle designs on the market, the pull handle isn’t far behind! We’ve done round ones, square ones, flat, oval, S-shaped, cranked, circular, wooden, steel, powdercoated etc. etc.! Sizes vary hugely, and several of the more popular designs are available in bespoke lengths, enabling you to match your vision panel heights for example.

Another positive feature of pull handles is the simplicity of their fixing, meaning that they rarely give any problems – there’s not really much to go wrong!

We like to think that we’re pretty experienced in the different options available to you – why not get in touch if you have a requirement?


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